A View of Metro’s NextGen Bus Study Public Workshops

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If you haven’t heard, Metro is undergoing a redesign of its comprehensive bus network.

The last update was 25 years ago, and so it makes sense to give the whole system a fresh look.

There have been a series of “public workshops” where you can come and check out what is happening and give your feedback.  I went to the public workshop in West Hollywood, and took photos.   This photo below shows the data screen that I found utterly fascinating.

Using location data accumulated from our cell phones as they travel with us via car, rail, bus, bike, and by foot, Metro has acquired data on what trips people are making and where, and at what times during the day.  An 11:00 p.m. map would look very different than a 7:00 AM map or a 3:00 PM map.  It’s great this data exists.

There have been several NextGen Bus Study public workshops around the County thus far, and there are a few more still to come:

Pasadena – January 24th
Downtown Los Angeles – January 26th
Inglewood – January 31st
Van Nuys – February 6th

For more information about the NextGen Bus Study, please click here.

I encourage you to get involved and give your input on how Metro should deploy its 7 million service hours of bus service.  The system changes are scheduled to begin rolling out at the end of 2019.

Below are some more photos from the NextGen public workshop held in West Hollywood.