Angels Moving Forward

25 mg Lamictal where to buy Premarin Los Angeles is the City, and County, and metropolitan region, of “angels”.  It’s in the name.  And it has a bright future as we head toward the Olympics in 2028.  California, our state, has one of the world’s biggest economies and a full rainy day fund.  (Thank you, Governor Jerry Brown).  However, like all metropolis regions we have challenges too.  This blog aims to shed light and focus on the progress we make in solving these problems as we move forward as Angelenos (and Angels) together.

This new blog is an outgrowth of my blog The Pink Line, where I primarily focused most on public transit issues facing the amazing, creative, dynamic and alive City of West Hollywood, where I am grateful to live and serve as Transportation Commissioner.  I will continue to focus on our public/alternative transportation renaissance, but will also focus on a couple of areas dear to my heart:  our seemingly chronic housing/homelessness problem and are march toward universal health care — plus LGBT issues or anything else I feel like mentioning as this is my blog.

I will end each blog with “What do you think?”, because I want to hear from you.  Please comment, share with your friends and colleagues, and debate the issues like the angels I know you are.

Moving Forward,


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